Solar Power Benefits!

At Modern energy we are at the forefront of solar photovoltaic technology, working with commercial businesses all across the United Kingdom who have already turned unutilised roof space into assets that are procuring sustainable solar electricity and reducing overhead costs. The ease of scalability and quick deployment of solar panels ensures businesses can start seeing real returns in as little as two weeks with no disruption to daily business activities.
A rooftop solar panel installation will enable your business to take control over the electricity bill,running costs and achieve savings of up to 100% per cent on daytime costs. Modern energy  ensures your business will have access to the best available equipment, panels and mounting systems in the world providing long term energy security with high reliability.

Our dedicated roof team of over of in-house roofing experts have deployed hundreds of rooftop solar panel installations all across the United Kingdom on all types of roof from Trapazoidal,Cement fibre,Flat roof & also bespoke build roof systems to suit , We will work closely together with you & understand your business requirements to develop the best & most  suitable and highest performing solar solution. 
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Why Commercial Solar is Right For You

Saving you money in the short-term, making you money in the long-term and helping you to meet business sustainability targets – investing in solar just makes good commercial sense!

We can offer to work  with your business directly, taking the installation all the way from the initial first contact  to our ongoing customer support after your installation has been completed, or join you at a particular stage of your project: