Our reliable and professional Solar PV installers are able to provide hassle-free renewable energy system installations for commercial buildings. As well as Commercial Buildings, we also install for the industrial and agricultural sector, whether in the private or the public sector, using our extensive experience to provide a service that is well suited for businesses, framework and organizations. We work directly with building owners, local authorities and main contractor, to offer an Integrated service provided for our clients from the initial assessment through to design, installation, commissioning, in-service maintenance and remote monitoring .
With our Electricians all trained to JIB/ECS standards & our roof teams trained in all roof aspects & most suitably “experienced” in a vast number of roof solutions & roof product makes, i.e Schletter, Renusol,Tri-Tec & Clenergy to name a few.
We have 40 Skilled installers at our disposal to carry out your project on time and in an efficient timely manner with a high standard, which is why we always get asked to come back & provide our services – Ask our clients!  We are also asbestos trained ,Working at heights & mansafe.

Our Services Include:

*    Project management 
*    Site survey
*    Electrical Survey

*    Plant room installations 
*    Solar safe fire isolation solutions (Internal & external)
*    Montoring

*    Ena connection forms(dno)  
*    Installation of LV cables  
*    New commercial roof installation

*    Energy storag
*    G59- 3 Testing 
*    Maintenance & remedial work 
*    Panel cleaning. 
*    O & M services 
*    Drone photo/video 
*    Energy efficient lighting
*    Funding for Commercial solar
*    Free Commercial solar (PPA)
*    Free solar & energy storage for Social Housing
*    Solar panel self clean protection (10 year warranty)

Modern energy & Electrical services  will happily represent your company with your own branding and unmarked commercial vehicles 
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