Self Finance

Always a good solution if you the owner/Landlord can afford to purchase outright, this option will let you achieve all the benefits offered through the Government feed in tariff scheme.. You will benefit from a feed in tariff rate which is based on the size of your solar p.v system, Also an export tariff up to 30Kw which is deemed at 30%,From 30Kw & upwards an Export meter can be installed if required to measure the amount exported back to the grid,Ideal for low energy users.
Further saving are to be had with the use of the free electricity from your solar p.v array which in turn will reduce your energy bills & help improve your running costs.
Installing solar p.v also helps to future proof rising energy costs now & in the future, when your installation is completed & registered you are tied in to a fixed rate for the 20 years of the scheme.