Who We Are and What We Do?

Modern energy are a leading Renewable Energy & PV installation company, Who are based in Porthcawl, Situated just outside Cardiff, South wales.
Originally from an electrical background of 18 years & working on commercial sites contracting to Kier, Balfour, Wates & other well known commercial brands as an independent. We have been installing Commercial solar for several years throughout the UK & In this period we have installed a variety of projects from large scale roof top solar to Solar farms. From design stage to third party support & install only.

We are actively involved in internal Commercial project for our on gong clients base but also supply sub contract labour to support other renewable energy companies throughout the UK who require support to achieve their portfolio of projects that they may wish successfully project managed & installed but do not wish to undertake the on-site element. With our install partner’s who provide large scale projects within the commercial sector, with our partnership we have managed to build a reputation within our sector as being successful, reliable, able to deliver & easy to work with.
With our professionalism, understanding & discretion of client requirements & a good working relationship we have forged a great partnership, skillset to offer & overcome the questions often asked with the projects provided & delivered.